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What’s the difference between a psychologist, counsellor or psychotherapist? Find out now
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More than 45% of Australians are affected by mental health issues. Prompt support from a psychologist, counsellor or psychotherapist before things deepen and darken can make a big difference.
Mental health professionals have a toolbox of strategies to help people manage life’s tricky situations as well as concerns including anxiety, depression, postpartum etc. Take the first step and find the right person to talk to.

what’s the difference between a psychologist, psychotherapist and a counsellor?

including Clinical Psychologist
  • 6+ years of university studies and supervised training;
  • Approach is the scientific method. I.e., treatment is typically evidence based with a focus on cognitive (mind) processes;
  • Great for helping people with more complex issues and mental health diagnoses;
  • Government rebates are available if you have a prescribed mental health care plan from your general practitioner (GP). You get $88.25 back from seeing a psychologist or $129.50 back from seeing a clinical psychologist.
or Psychotherapist
  • Terms used interchangeably as there is a lot of overlap;
  • Typically counsellors focus on specific problems and changes in life adjustments whilst psychotherapists focus on restructuring the personality or self and the development of self;
  • Education is varied. Some have PhDs and masters whilst others have no formal education;
  • Approach often focuses on more than just the mind. I.e., lifestyle, emotions, feelings, identity, etc.;
  • Great for helping people deal with life situations such as grief, death, a breakup, feeling sad, stress etc. versus heavy mental illnesses such as personality disorders;
  • Minimal government rebate available, best ask the practitioner before the session.
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Set the price range. Remember, getting a mental health care plan from your GP gives people money back (approx $85 - $120) when seeing a psychologist or clinical psychologist.
Kate Johnson
Therapeutic style
$110 per session
Looking for a: Psychologist
Location: Lilydale
Price range: $80 – $135
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