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talklink is a Melbourne based start-up founded by three people passionate about mental health. The vision of talklink is to connect young Australians with the right mental health support through an approachable and modern directory. We’re also keen on mental health education. Which is why we kicked off a podcast all about mental health - the podcast is 100% self funded (no advertisers or third parties) in order to bring you authentic, real conversations with the clear goal of increasing awareness and conversations about mental health.
Why & how
Seeking mental health support can be intimidating, confusing and disempowering. Especially when you connect with a mental health practitioner and it feels not quite right. Our aim is to reduce that mis-fit as early on in the process as possible by giving you a real sense of the practitioner before your session. Through their talklink profile you can look through their experience, have a quick chat, watch their video to get a sense of who they are and whether you’ll be comfortable opening up to them.
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Sarah, a serial entrepreneur with a passion for people and businesses that focus on meaningful connections. Her last couple of businesses were in hospitality, ‘Mary Eats Cake’ (High Tea venues) and ‘Impala & Peacock’ (Specialty Tea brand) where she shared her love for food experiences across Australia. Sarah has an honours degree in Psychology and wanted to unite her passion for psychology and people in talklink.
Eric, a programmer with experience in website development and design. He studied computer science in the UK specialising in web development. Eric has applied his technical knowledge in not-for-profit and profit sectors across Europe and Australia.
Ruan, a mechanical engineer with a background in applied maths. After working in the corporate world for 10 years, he decided it was time for a change. He was sad to let go of the city coffee runs enjoyed in office life but was pumped to apply all his results-based rigour and processes into talklink. Curious by nature (and always up for a chat), Ruan hosts the talklink podcast “Mental Health by talklink” where he has conversations with amazing professionals about mental health.
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