wellbeing assessments for schools

Evidence-based service to assess the psychological wellbeing of your students
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Compare students’ wellbeing against peers in other schools
Identify focus areas to ensure effective resource allocation
Help justify funding or interventions for identified concerns
Send a strong message where wellbeing is taken seriously within the school community
Foster an inclusive and diverse environment by measuring the wellbeing of minority students relative to the rest of the school
Assess the effectiveness of intervention programs by measuring the wellbeing status before, during, and after the program
What do we test?

depression, anxiety, stress and overall wellbeing and resilience

How does it work?
How do we test mental wellbeing?
With evidence based and validated assessments that are peer reviewed and backed by research
School administrators can create customised questions to be included in the assessment
Assessments are sent to students by email to be completed on a computer or via a smartphone
How safe is your data?
All responses are protected using industry standard encryption
Student responses are anonymous and cannot be traced back to individuals; we communicate this to students so students know exactly what to expect from the questionnaires
Specific school results will not be identifiable
All data is stored on Australian servers
Final reports will be available in a password protected account
How much does it cost?
Costs vary depending on the scope and duration of assessments and start at $590 + GST.
Discounts are available for repeated or multiple year level assessments and schools requiring financial assistance

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If you are in a crisis, or experiencing suicidal or homicidal thoughts, contact 000 or your local emergency counselling service.
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